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Pillar-Hook, Dywidag & Wing Nut

They are the 3 accessories that require the screens of the Pillar-Wall Range to join them together in x-shaped and to obtain the pillar needed.

To make a pillar at 3mt you need 16 units of each of the accessories, 4 per screen.

Product Description

In their function as screens for wall, the same accessories are used as those of the Heavy Range, Range with which it is perfectly combinable.

3000445 PILLAR-HOOK 2,3 KG Its function is to engage the groove profile of the frame at the height of the hole chosen and to house the dywidag bar to join the adjacent screen in x-shaped
3001199 DYWIDAG Ø 15,5MM L:250MM 0,4 KG It is the element used to run through and join two screens using the pillar-hook on one side and the wing nut on the other side
3000415 Ø 95MM WING NUT 0,6 KG The wing nut allows the fixing and fastening of the other two elements to the screen, been supported on the screen profile
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