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COFRESA bolts have a stamped head, which gives them greater strength and life. There are different types of bolt depending on the clamping measurements of each bolt.

Product Description

Codes and standard items:

3000855 CONNECTING BOLT From 10 to 15 MM 0,04 KG It serves to join Light Range panels for its head profile , allowing to make pillars up to 4.5Mt height
3000845 CROSS BOLT From 15 to 25 MM 0,04 KG It serves to join two Light Range panels joining the female profile of both (the side where there is no bolt welded), so you can get other less common pillar measures
3000842 SPARE BOLT From 25 to 35 MM 0,07 KG It serves to join two panels through the series of  holes for assemblying usual pillars and also joins the male part of a panel with the female part of the other panel, so replace the welded bolts to the panel.
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