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The Light Range cornerpiece is essential for any corner on the wall or projecting pillars with this range. It has a series of holes  that allows to make different measures for a projecting pillar (5,10 and 15 cm).  On the outside part of the corner, the usual joining of the panels make the finish of the outside part of the corner without the need of an angle.

Product Description

Codes and standard items: (For other measures, ask us)

3000937 LIGHT RANGE CORNERPIECE 150x200x3000 MM 28 KG It is placed on the inside of the corner we have to make, it formworks 20 cm on one side and 15cm on the other, because on the outside part, we waste 5cm in one of the panels. It is also used for small projecting pillars of 5, 10 or 15 cm, using in this case 2 cornerpieces for each projecting pillar
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