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Fastening, Dywidag & Nut

The necessary accessories to tie or attach other accessories to the Light Range panels, such as the stiffener or the support brace (Panel-brace fastening), or support the pressure from the concrete to the panels (Dywidag + Nut).

Product Description

Codes and standard items: (For other measures, ask us)

3000835 PANEL-BRACE FASTENING 12,5MM 0,25 KG It serves to tie the Light Range panel to different accessories like the stiffener or the support brace through its inserting into the bolt
3000854 DYWIDAG D:12,5MM L:600MM 0,58 KG It serves as a containment tie bar, is the element that actually supports the concrete pressure until the setting of the concrete.

It is used to make two sided-walls or dimensional pillars with several Light Range Panels

3000847 DYWIDAG D:12,5MM L:1.000MM 0,97 KG
3000831 NUT D.50MM FOR 12,5MM DYWIDAG 0,25 KG It serves as a holding or fixing element of the Dywidag/fastening to the panel, and also to the various accessories that are added to the assembly, such as the stiffener or the support brace
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