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Connecting Profile, Spacer Sheet & Stiffenerr

The Connecting profile serves to formwork supplements of 5cm, and is compatible with the other screens of the Heavy Range.
The Spacer Sheet is intercalated between screens, it allows to formwork the accurate measure between 50mm and 450mm.

Product Description

The stiffener is the same as is used in the light range, it is used as a stiffening element in the formwork panels, with Spacer Sheets or for a one sided-wall with the vertical screens.

Codes and standard items: (For other measures, ask us)

3000461 CONNECTING PROFILE 50X100X3000 14,8 KG It formworks 5cm, so it serves as a supplement to the screens to reach other measures, usually mainly employed in wall corners, allowing play with wall thicknesses of 5 to 5 cm, depending on, if placed on the outside or inner wall
3000473 SPACER SHEET 500X3000 50 KG This sheet is superimposed on screens to achieve the accurate measure needed on the wall, It formworks between 50 and 450mm to the millimeter, it requires other accessories such as hexagonal nuts and Dywidag tie bars to attach it to the screens and the stiffener
3000477 STIFFENER 3 MT 22 KG It stiffens, secures and aligns the Heavy Range formwork system in those assemblies that require it. Its use is common in formwork assemblies at high altitude (6-9 mt) as it allows jointly distribute the pressure on the entire formwork
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