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PVC Accessories

PVC accessories are those elements used on site to protect the various elements of the formwork or to recover accessories for later use.

Product Description

3000387 Ø 25MM PLUG FOR FRONT HOLE 1,82 KG (BAG OF 500 PLUGS) It serves to plug the frontal holes that can be free in the screens of the Heavy Range
3000436 PVC TUBE 0,5 KG (2MT BAR) It serves to protect the containment rod or Dywidag that is inside, and later makes possible its recovery for future uses. Served in 2-meter bars
3000520 END CONE FOR PVC TUBE 0,005 KG UNIT The end cone, placed at the ends of the tube next to the screens, makes it impossible to strain concrete through the hole and in turn provides a more aesthetic finish
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