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Support Brace at 3 mt & at 6 mt

It is the ideal complement to make one sided-walls, the arrangement of the profiles allows to formwork all kind of one sided-walls safely and quickly. Once assembled the formwork, there is no need to disassemble it untill the execution.
The spindle facilitates to plomb the formwork and helps the removal of formwork.
Cofresa was the first support braces manufacturer in the Spanish market, offering an optimal solution for this need in construction.

Product Description

3000470 SUPPORT BRACE 3 MT 63 KG It supports the pressure directly transmitted by the concrete to the formwork in situations in which the screens can be placed only on one sided-wall, in addition, the spindle allows to plomb the formwork
3000471 SUPPORT BRACE 6 MT 255 KG It is composed of two parts of 3 meters high each one, its function remains the same as the 3 mt, but for heights of up to 6 mt
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