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It is the element that joins, aligns and stiffen the screens, with a simple hammer blow we obtain the aligned of the screens and the final position, thanks to the “nail” of the clamp that is inserted in the groove of the screen.

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Product Description

The only difference of these clamps with respect to the Heavy Range clamps, is that they do not have wedge, because the profiles and frame on the Cofenol Range screens are at the same level.
Usually and depending on the arrangement and the objectif of the assembly, 2 or 3 clamps are required. The clamps are often used to join the screens through the frame but also they serve to join other screens in height and reach levels of 6 mt of formwork or even more.
All the clamps are finished in zinc by electrolysis.

3001232 COFENOL FIXED CLAMP 100 MM 6,5 KG It is used for the joining between screens, because with the fixed clamping and a simple hammer blow, it joins and aligns the two profiles of the screens. Also it serves as stiffener because of its “arms” of 600mm in lenght
3000915 COFENOL SHORT FIXED CLAMP 100 MM 5,9 KG This is the same clamp as above, but with shorter arms of 450mm in lenght, it is used in assemblies where the arms of the fixed clamp touches with some other elements of the formwork
3000142 ANGLE FIXED CLAMP 153 MM 5,1 KG This clamp is used only to join two screens when they are used for the outside of a corner, so we avoid the use of the external angle and accessories, but in return. it is needed that the external screens are of different width measurement one of another. At least 4 clamps per corner are necessary
3000523 COFENOL EXTENDED CLAMP VARIABLE: DE 70 A 250 MM 7,6 KG It serves to join screens with articles or accessories placed among the screens, so that the variable clamping allows to introduce wood, connecting profiles, etc.
3000931 COFENOL ANGLE EXTENDED CLAMP VARIABLE: DE 70 A 250 MM 6,25 KG The clamp is used to join screens to the internal cornerpiece , it is equivalent to the extended clamp but with the difference that one arm is shorter so that it can to introduce in the internal corenerpiece
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